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Spirited Foods Inc.
2823 HANCOCK DRIVE 78731 | 512 844 1833
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Spirited Food Co.

Welcome to Spirited Food Company.

Why are we the best?

Our passion is to provide you with amazing food from the best and freshest ingredients and to promote wellness in our clients through the weekly meal service. Spirited Food Co. creates a new menu each week that features fresh, local, and organic ingredients. Since 2001, our clients have said the food we serve is delicious and helps to promote health and weight loss

Spirited Food Co.

offers a unique style of cooking not available anywhere else - food that is good for you but tastes like it shouldn't be. We use classic cooking techniques to maximize the natural flavors in the meals while basing each on sound nutritional principles. We make everything from scratch each day, from the sauces to the vinaigrettes so everything always tastes fresh. Spirited Food Co. is dedicated to the art of good in-home eating and we make it easy for you.

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