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One of the most prevalent disease conditions today is chronic inflammation. This is primarily caused by diet and specifically the types of foods in the diet that create inflammation. The Auto-Immune Protocol, or AIP for short is the pinnacle of using food as a healing medium.

By using food as medicine, AIP followers are able to reduce inflammatory symptoms and heal underlying imbalances by decreasing inflammation and healing gut dysfunction. The diet focuses on a nutrient-dense intake of a variety of foods and eliminates inflammatory and allergenic foods to support the body in cooling down the immune system (which is what´s going awry).

The Spirited Food Co. AIP meal service is a once-weekly delivery of non-reactive, clean meals to help heal your body. The meals do not include any reactive foods and are centered in local and organic produce and meats. The meals are prepared with only olive oil, avocado oil, or rendered animal fats from grass-fed sources, Himalayan pink salt and/or Diamond crystal kosher salt. Everything is made fresh from scratch on the delivery day and sent to you.

Pricing: $13-$14/meal plus tax. Delivery is an additional charge depending on where you live; most deliveries are $17, which is the preferred Spirited Food Co rate. Deliveries that are much outside of the local Austin area may incur additional delivery charges.


AIP 1 · $14
Thanksgiving service only next week : no regular meal service. We will resume regular services on Monday November 30 Thank you!!! Chef Andrew
House made rich Bone Broth · $10
Matcha bone broth 32 oz.


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