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This service is designed to provide you with up to seven days of meals every week. This service is a portion and calorie controlled meal service that can help you maintain a healthy weight while providing you with sound nutrition. The menus feature fresh, organic vegetables, lean meats, and some fruits. Whether you get one delivery or the whole week, Skinny Gourmet can provide you with good food that is good for you.

The way the service works is by selecting which set of meals you would like each week (Tuesday and/or Friday).
Tuesday pick up covers meals from Tuesday dinner - Friday lunch and Friday pick up covers meals from Friday dinner - Tuesday lunch.

All the meals selected will be available from the Spirited Food Co. kitchen between 4 and 6 pm on Tuesdays and Fridays at 2823 Hancock Drive, 78731.

Delivery is also available for an additional fee. All the meals are packaged and labeled according to when they should be eaten (Tuesday lunch or Friday dinner, etc.) With the exception of the seafood entrees, which I recommend eating first, all the meals keep for 5 days; this means that you can order multiple meals from me and they will all arrive on Tuesday and/or Friday. You simply keep them in the fridge and reheat.

Pricing: this service is $26/day plus tax.
Certain menu items can be substituted according to your tastes as well. You may make any notations like 'no cauliflower' next to the entrée.
If you have any additional questions, please call.


Wednesday : coconut & Matcha Chia with avocado & pecans

Thursday : dairy free cashew yogurt with raisins, dates, and mixed nuts

Friday : breakfast quinoa with coconut, almonds, & almond butter

Saturday : Poached eggs with hot sauce, steamed spinach & sautéed mushrooms

Sunday : steamed sorghum & almonds with cashew milk & apple

Monday : organic oats with almond butter, vanilla & coconut oil

Tuesday : artichoke & greens omelet with house-made hot sauce

Price: $5 each


Wednesday : Cold shrimp with avocado & Italian white beans; fresh salad of marinated fennel, celery, and artichokes

Thursday : roasted chicken with olives, capers, and grilled peppers; baby greens, crisp cucumber & radishes, with grilled local squashes

Friday : slow roasted chicken with minted-parsley pesto; quinoa pilaf with sautéed cauliflower, mushrooms, and squashes

Saturday : Flaked salmon with dill, olive oil, and citrus salt; house-made pickles, grilled peppers, and an organic poached egg

Sunday : Citrus marinated chicken with roasted beet salad : roasted local beets, pickled vegetables, fresh greens, and roasted mixed nuts

Monday : diced chicken with marinated organic rainbow carrots, fennel, artichokes, and olives

Tuesday : Bison sauté with shredded sweet potato quinoa and roasted organic squashes with house-made hot sauce

Price: $10 each


Tuesday : Gulf Black Drum filet with toasted pecan crust; marinated gold beets, roasted sunchokes, pickled cauliflower, and shredded Napa cabbage, arugula and red kale with local citrus vinaigrette

Wednesday : stewed chicken with coconut yogurt/grilled lemon sauce + parsley; Braised chickpeas & organic spinach with roasted sweet potato

Thursday : 12-hour pork with mushrooms, olives, and fennel; simple roasted asparagus + smoked white sweet potato

Friday : slow roasted salmon in Matcha/shiitake broth with shiitake mushrooms, sauteed greens, and roasted squashes

Saturday : Golden seared chicken with charred tangerine relish; 3-greens saute + caramelized Acorn squash mash with pumpkin seeds

Sunday : Rosemary smoked beef shoulder + arugula and horseradish sauce; Toasted wild rice with organic sautéed greens + roasted Brussels sprouts

Monday : Endive, apple, radicchio & collard slaw with shredded chicken & mustard vinaigrette

Price: $11 each

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