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This service is designed to provide you with up to seven days of meals every week. This service is a portion and calorie controlled meal service that can help you maintain a healthy weight while providing you with sound nutrition. The menus feature fresh, organic vegetables, lean meats, and some fruits. Whether you get one delivery or the whole week, Skinny Gourmet can provide you with good food that is good for you.

The way the service works is by selecting which set of meals you would like each week (Tuesday and/or Friday).
Tuesday pick up covers meals from Tuesday dinner - Friday lunch and Friday pick up covers meals from Friday dinner - Tuesday lunch.

All the meals selected will be available from the Spirited Food Co. kitchen between 4 and 6 pm on Tuesdays and Fridays at 8140 Exchange Drive, 78754. Drive all the way around to the back and come up the stairs. The kitchen in the first door on your right.

Delivery is also available for an additional fee. All the meals are packaged and labeled according to when they should be eaten (Tuesday lunch or Friday dinner, etc.) With the exception of the seafood entrees, which I recommend eating first, all the meals keep for 5 days; this means that you can order multiple meals from me and they will all arrive on Tuesday and/or Friday. You simply keep them in the fridge and reheat.

Pricing: this service is $26/day plus tax.
Certain menu items can be substituted according to your tastes as well. You may make any notations like 'no cauliflower' next to the entrée.
If you have any additional questions, please call.


Wednesday : Breakfast quinoa with pecan meal, apricots, and almond milk

Thursday : Organic coconut cottage cheese with toasted almonds & apples

Friday : olive oil poached eggs, sun dried tomatoes, and sautéed spinach

Saturday : steamed amaranth with coconut, almond milk, maple, and toasted almonds

Sunday : Organic tomato scramble with wilted spinach

Monday : folded omelette with spinach & mushrooms

Tuesday : mushroom & spinach omelette

Price: $5 each


Wednesday : grilled marinated sirloin with fresh salad of tomatoes, cucumbers, and white beans

Thursday : pan roasted organic chicken with salad of celery, cucumber, local citrus, radishes and pecans

Friday : Pan roasted chicken with sauté of green cauliflower, celery, and organic greens

Saturday : slow roasted shrimp with marinated onions, capers, and sun dried tomatoes; spinach salad with celery & radishes

Sunday : Asian style saute of chicken, zucchini, mushrooms, carrots, and celery with gluten-free tamari

Monday : slow roasted pork, sweet potatoes, and sauteed squashes

Tuesday : Marinated chicken with sauteed green beans, wilted organic greens, and sweet potato mash

Price: $10 each


Tuesday : Wild Cod & Tuna Cioppino : a warm winter soup with roasted tomatoes, sautéed fennel, celery, and leeks, local Kohlrabi & sautéed collard greens

Wednesday : Roasted local acorn squash stuffed with grilled chicken, wild rice, and sautéed organic spinach
sage & rosemary grilled squashes

Thursday : Local sirloin marinated with roasted shallot puree; caramelized Butternut squash mash + grilled mushrooms and sautéed local red mustard greens

Friday : herb crusted white fish with sun dried tomato, cauliflower puree, & asparagus sauté

Saturday : Winter Power bowl : roasted mushroom quinoa pilaf, grilled chicken with parsley/garlic marinade, roasted butternut squash, sautéed local collard greens, and grilled local broccoli with tart local lemon dressing

Sunday : Braised winter chicken legs with Fennel, carrots, and kale; Roasted Brussels sprouts tossed with caramelized honey, lemon, & thyme + olive oil celery root mash

Monday : Herb marinated beef with sweet potato, grilled greens & onions

Price: $11 each

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