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Spirited Foods Inc.
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Spirited Food Cooking Class

Spirited Food Co. offers a customized meal service with a different menu each week. Whether you need one meal a week or 20, this service is for you. It is very convenient, time saving, and affordable. Best of all, the meals are balanced and can be customized to suit your tastes.

The food in the weekly meal service is beneficial for those looking for a healthier lifestyle because it is focused largely on local and organic foods.

All our meals are gluten free, and any dairy comes on the side. Each week you may choose from one of the three menus : the Standard menu, which focuses on local and organic fare, the AIP Menu, also known as the Anti-Inflammation Diet, can help reduce inflammation in the body caused by specific foods, and the Skinny Gourmet Meal Plan, which focuses on healthy weight loss and weight maintenance.

The meal plan you select will come packaged, labeled, and numbered according to entree. You will receive all your meals on your service day. We have a convenient and affordable delivery option available to you if you are not able to pick your meals up each week.

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